The student voice is very important to us at Cengage. We don’t just ask questions for the sake of inquiry—we listen to the answers. Developing powerful solutions that answer the call of students and instructors everywhere is our main priority, and feedback from our customers enables us to create products that move the learning needle further.

With that in mind, we conducted a survey at James Madison University to find out how students felt about their experience using MindTap General Chemistry. Read on to hear what they had to say.

Assessing the Impact

Out of all the learners polled, every last one claimed the resources, feedback and solutions provided in MindTap General Chemistry helped them when they were stuck. From boosting students’ understanding and retention of new materials to helping them learn from their mistakes and challenging them, MindTap was effective for almost everyone.

Aside from being “more interactive and more fun than a textbook” as Alyssa states, and “easier than a textbook,” as Dylan does, “it really allowed me to learn” says Jarred. Other students praised platform functionality, citing the solutions, videos, calendar, support and more as keys to their success. The platform’s short activities and mastery assignments helped take the learning full circle.

MindTap truly is built for students and how they learn today. After all was said and done, over 88% of students polled felt MindTap General Chemistry would help them learn better than other platforms. In fact, when we asked students how MindTap compares to other learning systems, Austin lauds “it is the best it gets when it comes to online homework and studying.”

A Look at the Future

But don’t worry, just because the responses were overwhelmingly positive, doesn’t mean we’re stopping there. We recognize the fact that there will always be room for improvement. So, we will keep asking what you like—and what you don’t—to help us improve the solutions that make you and your students unstoppable.

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