Imagine taking one of your first college courses, not being able to hear a word the professor is saying, but still be required to pass an exam on the material.

That’s exactly the situation in which Beatrice Bachleda, a freshman at The Ohio State University, found herself. Soon after Bachleda enrolled in an online Introduction to Psychology course she discovered the videos on which the course were based lacked the captioning she requires for comprehension. Without access to an interpreter as she has in traditional classroom settings, Bachleda was forced to request an extension for her first midterm and reference only the content contained in the accompanying text.

A few weeks into the course, Bachleda began using Cengage Learning’s MindTap tool, a digital learning solution that customizes the learning experience and provides real-time mobile access. Bachleda used MindTap once a week to complete her psychology homework using the supplemental and reference materials she was not able to access in the captionless videos.

Bachleda also enjoys MindTap’s mobile functionality. She notes, “If I’m waiting to teach a yoga class or on a long drive and realize I don’t have my course materials with me I can just access MindTap on my laptop, tablet, or phone and squeeze in a few extra minutes of study time.”

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