Dr. Mitch Peck teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses in statistics and research methods, medical sociology, and stratification at the University of Oklahoma. In his research methods class, Peck points out that students learn by doing, and he felt that his students were not doing enough to master the concepts and excel. His students just didn’t seem to be in full understanding of how to conduct social research, or familiar enough with the concepts to drive their own research studies.

“I didn’t feel like students were getting a ton out of the class,” said Peck. “I wanted them to be active social researchers, not watch someone stand up and talk. Short of asking them to do a long-term research project, I knew I had to find another way, something else so they could practice.”

Peck, who welcomes the idea of new technology, decided to give MindTap a try in combination with the Cengage Learning social research text by Earl Babbie. “The main reason I decided to try MindTap is that I was dissatisfied with the way I was teaching the class. I wanted to improve and help my students experience social research.”

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