For Victoria Buck, an instructor who teaches art history at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee, getting students to truly engage with the subject was a goal. Buck is a mixed-media sculpture artist who would like for her students to see the magic in art in that she does, and therefore wanted her students to see particular pieces and learn specific concepts. Many students are inherently interested, but she feared some may lose interest without interactivity and compelling resources like video.

After learning about Cengage Learning’s Art Through The Ages on MindTap from a colleague, Buck thought the interactivity, collaborative nature, and immediacy of the program might help students engage and stay up to date in her course. “This is the first online course that I have taught, so I wasn’t using anything before,” said Buck. “Our school has been trying to inch towards using MindTap. I felt like it was my responsibility to keep up with the times and give my students more ways of interacting with me online.” Also, as an instructor, Buck was attracted to the varied approaches to study, as well as the way it could improve efficiency. “The options MindTap provides are really nice because students can choose from a lot of different ways that they can learn.”

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