How do you encourage the students in your Music Appreciation courses to perform to the best of their abilities? Assigning digital could be key. Participation and outcomes improve for Music Appreciation students when MindTap counts for 20% or more of their grade.

Recent analysis of MindTap usage for all disciplines across the 2014-2015 academic year demonstrates that using MindTap can have a significant and positive impact on student learning and outcomes. When MindTap assignments count for at least 20% of their grade, students spend 50% more time in the platform.

Four ways that assigning MindTap can support student success in your Music Appreciation course

The more time spent in MindTap, the better the results. Students who use MindTap at least one hour per week are more than twice as likely to receive a 90% average or better in their Music Appreciation course, compared to students who spend less than an hour.

Instructors spending time in MindTap drives students to spend time in MindTap. Instructors who spend eight or more hours in MindTap managing their Music Appreciation course get students to spend twice as much time working in the course.

Students use MindTap more extensively when the Learning Path has been customized. Instructors who customize the learning path for their course get approximately 40% more students to spend an hour or more per week in MindTap.

Students using apps perform better on assignments. In MindTap, students using the Flashcard app more than ten times during the term are more likely to get a 90% average or better.

Using the MindTap Flashcard app more than10 times a term helps Music Appreciation students improve their grades.

Review our data sheet and discover more about how MindTap supports improved student outcomes in Music Appreciation courses.

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