Melody Lehn, Assistant Professor of Speech Communication at the University of South Carolina, teaches Speech Communication in three different areas: on campus through Extended University; at a local military base; and, beginning next year, in a fully online environment for Palmetto College. She currently uses MindTap in her on-campus Public Communication course.

Melody initially heard about MindTap from a colleague, while searching for resources appropriate to the fully online courses she’s developing. However, as she reviewed MindTap, she considered that it could be useful as a digital hub for students to access all of their course content, as well as herself. She eventually decided to adopt MindTap for her on-campus course, hoping that it could help her with a persistent and ongoing challenge: low student engagement with the textbook.

In the following Success Story, you’ll read how MindTap is sparking increased student interest in and engagement wiwth class readings and assigned exercises. You’ll also learn how it’s helped Melody’s students become more engaged and active participants during her in-class discussions.

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