How do you motivate students to persist and succeed in your Statistics for Psychology course? When MindTap counts for at least 20% of their grade, students in Statistics for Psychology classes are engaging in course material more and performing better.

Recently, we analyzed MindTap usage across the 2014-2015 academic year. The data demonstrates that using MindTap can have a significant and positive impact on student learning and outcomes.

The data shows that students who use the platform consistently are more likely to improve their grades. When MindTap assignments count for at least 20% of their grade, students spend 50% more time in the platform. Students who use MindTap at least three hours per week are twice as likely to receive a 90% average or better compared to students who spend less than an hour.

When faculty uses MindTap, students do, too. There is a connection between the time that instructors spend in their MindTap course, whether personalizing it, monitoring student performance, or communicating with students, and the amount of time that students spend in the platform. For example, when the Learning Path has been customized, approximately 50% more students spend at least one hour per week in MindTap.

MindTap also helps to develop and reinforce good study skills. Students who set aside time for MindTap assignments and start them early perform better. Students who frequently use the Flashcards app more than ten times per term are more likely to earn a 90% average or above.

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