Sarah Bumgarner, an Introduction to Business instructor at Sandhills Community College in North Carolina, was determined to improve the achievement level of student learning outcomes for online students. Bumgarner knows how increased engagement is directly tied to improved student outcomes. Getting students engaged and keeping the level of motivation high continued to be a struggle. She also wanted to find an online resource to provide exceptional technological support for both students and
instructor, allowing her to focus on content rather than technological support. This would give students more opportunities to see business concepts in action, which she believes would lead to greater understanding, and in the end, better results.

Professor Bumgarner discussed the problem with her Cengage Learning Consultant, who suggested she give MindTap a try. In the past, Professor Bumgarner had used online sources that had more materials than she needed (or wanted her students to deal with), so she knew she wanted a more streamlined resource that would engage students,
help them truly learn the concepts of business, but remained within the parameters of the Introduction to Business course. She also wanted a strong supplemental option that would increase student engagement in the materials.

Professor Bumgarner began using MindTap in the Fall 2013 semester of her Introduction to Business course. In addition to measuring student engagement, she wanted to see if MindTap had a significant impact on student grades when compared to semesters where she had only used print resources. Students were also surveyed at the end of the
semester to learn their perspective on MindTap and measure their engagement levels.

In this case study, you’ll see the results of Professor Bumgarner’s use of MindTap in her Introduction to Business course. You’ll see that students had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to MindTap; a majority of students felt that MindTap allowed them to engage more with course content and better track their course progress. Additionally, most of Professor Bumgarner’s students felt that MindTap was easy to navigate, helped them complete assignments on time and helped them better prepare for tests. What’s more, you’ll see that Professor Bumgarner observed an improvement in students’ grades following the implementation of MindTap in her course!

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