College instructors would rather focus on their teaching than have to deal with digital resource issues. Such was the case with English instructor Travis Holt, who found himself frustrated with his online English lab resource at Liberty University. Since switching to MindTap®, he no longer contends with such issues.

“MindTap is much more user-friendly for instructors and for students, as shown by their higher engagement level,” he says. “I admit that my expectations were low given my previous experience, but MindTap exceeded them by far. The fact that everything in MindTap worked the way Cengage said it would work was huge.”

The previous product didn’t work as expected. “Students were having trouble with the access codes needed to get into the program,” recalls Travis. “The product wasn’t flexible, and didn’t allow for as much customization as MindTap does.

There were wrong answers to some of the questions. The activities were the same every time students repeated them; I didn’t like that.”

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