As an instructor of Developmental English, you have numerous goals for your students. Among these,  you undoubtedly want to see high levels of student engagement, as well as strong outcomes and student success.

How can you help your students achieve these important goals? Try assigning digital. When MindTap counts for at least 20% of their grade, students in Developmental English are engaging in course material more and performing better.

Four ways that using MindTap can support your Developmental English students’ success:

  1. Time in the platform matters. Students who spend at least an hour in MindTap each week are more than twice as likely to get a 90% or above on their assignments.
  2. MindTap helps develop and reinforce good study skills. Students who set aside time for MindTap assignments and start them early perform better.
  3. Students using MindTap’s Flashcard app more than ten times during the term are more likely to get a 90% average or better.
  4. Instructors’ time in MindTap has an impact on student learning as well! Instructors who customize the learning path for their course get far more students to spend an hour or more per week in MindTap.

Developmental English students spend more time in MindTap when instructors customize the Learning Path for their courses


See for yourself how MindTap supports strong outcomes in Developmental English! Read the full study for a complete breakdown of the data.

Then, find the MindTap that best suits your Developmental English course.