The students in Small Business Management courses are looking to gain valuable knowledge, skills, and insights that will support their ability to perform successfully in their future endeavors. Naturally, it follows that they’ll want to be successful in your Small Business Management course as well.

As their instructor, you might be seeking out solutions that will help them succeed. If that’s the case, try incorporating digital for a grade. Instructors who make MindTap count for at least 20% of their students’ score see improved student outcomes, as well as increased student engagement.

Using MindTap can have a significant impact on student learning…

Time in the platform matters. Students who spend at least an hour in MindTap each week are more likely to get an 80% or above on their assignments.

MindTap helps develop and reinforce good study skills. Students who set aside time for MindTap assignments and start them early perform better.

If faculty use the platform, students will use the platform. Instructors who spend eight or more hours managing their course (modifying or adding content, monitoring student progress, communicating with students, etc.) through the semester get students to spend thirty minutes more per week working in the course.

Small business management iInstructors spending time in MindTap drives students to spend time in MindTap.

Learn more about the ways that MindTap can improve student outcomes in your course: download our review of the data.

Then, find the MindTap learning solution that’s right for this and other Management courses!