Professors of online courses have the benefit of being able to work for colleges that are hundreds of miles away, and hundreds of miles apart. Case in point: Sheila LeviAland, who teaches art history for Lord Fairfax Community College in Virginia and Valencia College in Florida. Since long before her introduction to digital products, Sheila has used one of the field’s classic texts — Gardner’s Art through the Ages.

When decision makers at Lord Fairfax switched to MindTap®, Sheila was wary due to a negative experience with another company’s web-based assignment and assessment platform. She needn’t have been. “I was prepared for misery, and MindTap was like magic! I liked it so much I started to use it at both colleges,” she says.

Several factors sparked Sheila’s discontent with her previous digital solution. “It wasn’t a seamless experience. It took students to a completely different webpage, didn’t integrate with Blackboard® for grading, and provided inadequate resources. I provide a great amount of content, so having a large pool of resources to select from, as I do with MindTap, is important.”

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