Previously at the Engaging Minds blog, we’ve shared a number of icebreaker activities that will engage students and get them talking on the first day of class. We also asked our readers to share the icebreaker activities that they’ve found especially effective.

Today, we’re presenting a few of these icebreaker activities, which allow students to begin building the connections that support their success and create classroom community.

Share your favorite icebreaker activities in the comments section below.


I always do a “Meet and Greet” where students share any professional experience and some personal information (like hobbies and interests). I also require a few photos.
–Adrienne Doughty, CPC, Middlesex Community College, Middletown, CT

One of my favorite classroom icebreakers is to have the students collect each other’s contact information. In my classes, I like to implement a buddy system in case they are unable to attend my class and need to get the notes. Giving the students time to collect each other’s contact info brings about more ease in my classes.
–Charlita Woodruff, Alabama A&M University

I call it speed dating. I give my students three pieces of paper containing questions (hometown, favorite ice cream, biggest fear of the program), and they have to visit three other people in the class to gather the info. They have one minute with each person before moving on. Then we introduce each other and share the information gathered.
–Cindy Kramer Reszke, MA Ed., R.T. (R) (QM), Delta College