Motivation plays a large role in a student’s level of focus during a class. Imagine that you’re teaching a sixteen-week course on lion taming that culminates in a final exam requiring students to place their heads into the mouth of a lion. It’s a safe bet that students would stay focused and be fully engaged in every class session! However, in many challenging courses—such as Introductory Physics—students may not see the need to remain quite so tuned into what’s being taught… unless the instructor finds other ways to motivate them.

How can you inspire student engagement and learning in a course as challenging as Introductory Physics? In today’s featured webinar, Debora Katz of the United States Naval Academy shares how you can motivate these students by making the subject relevant, applicable, and tied to their future success. You’ll learn the secrets that will encourage your students to dive enthusiastically into a topic that some find daunting.

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How do you foster student motivation in your courses? Have you tried any of the tips mentioned in the featured webinar? Share your experiences and suggestions below!