NewCo BostonOn April 27, Cengage Learning is hosting an innovation session right inside their Boston office as part of the NewCo business festival. NewCo is an internationally renowned organization whose mission is to identify, celebrate and connect engines of positive change in our society.

According to the NewCo website, “NewCo is a new kind of event experience: a mashup of an open studio tour and a business conference, with the vibe of a music festival. Register to attend sessions given by local innovative companies and organizations. You get to pick which sessions you would like to see and which company/organization you’d like to visit in their native environment.”

Increasing Student Success

Our NewCo event is titled, “Smart Product Design to Increase Student Success.” At this event, our own Chief Communications Officer Sandi Kirshner and Chief Technology Officer George Moore will share the Cengage Learning story to highlight our student focus, digital transformation, and unique company culture.

NewCo Boston speakersHow can smart product design lead to better student outcomes in the classroom?  How can we build digital tools that fit as seamlessly into students’ lives as Snapchat and Instagram?  Cengage Learning thinks about this all day, every day, and we are looking for sharp minds to come on board.

Join our Chief Technology Officer for a cup of coffee and an interactive session around the intersection of education and technology.  See a demonstration of the latest digital tools hitting the classroom and hear about the transformation of a large scale publisher into a leading edtech company recently named one of the Top Four Hottest Companies in BostInno’s Tech Madness Bracket.  

Attendees from all across the education spectrum are invited to attend. Unlimited, VIP Festival, and Student Passes are available.

We hope you’ll join us for NewCo Boston and experience an interactive session around revolutionizing the education and publishing industries through the use of technology.

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