For many students, securing an internship and preparing for job interviews can be overwhelming. To help students successfully navigate these crucial steps, Cengage Learning came to the Ohio University campus December 3, 2014, to provide Ohio University students with resources and tools to help best prepare for today’s job market.

Engagement Specialist Ann Ruege recognized the need for more student-to-student conversations – mainly using digital solutions and garnering real-world experiences while in college. So with Ann leading the way, the Market Research & Outcomes team, District Manager Janey Moeller, Executive Learning Consultant Ellen Shraim, and Alpha Delta Pi sorority, all partnered together to offer students a different kind of study break.

Starting off with a quick overview of Cengage Learning – who we are and why we have made students our focus, we then showed them and MindTap. We followed that up by a talk from one of their own peers, Stephanie Jones, who told them about her internship at Cengage Learning and how it helped her garner real-world experience. We finished up each session with some mock interviews, giving students a chance to practice their answers to popular interview questions.

Overall, students loved the sessions! Many were surprised at how much helpful information they were getting – even as freshmen and sophomores – things they didn’t think they would have to start thinking about until their third and fourth years in college. Here are some additional testimonials, straight from the students themselves:

  • “I was really interested to learn about internships. I liked hearing the students talk about their experience as well as the mock interviews.”
  • “I learned information I had not known before. I feel more motivated to be proactive in building my resume. Discovering the useful tools to help my success is something I will apply in the future.”
  • “Very informative, and I liked the sample interview questions!”
  • “Helpful, understanding our needs in school, in interviewing and job searching.”
  • “Very hands on and helpful!”
  • “Great content and information for younger students. Flashnotes and other resources really apply to students.”

Tips for students on the job search: Nine common interview topics

One important element of the job-search process is preparing for interviews. During our session at Ohio University, we provided some interviewing tips. Here are a few of the things that every interviewee should be prepared to describe and discuss when searching and interviewing for a job:

  1. How you’ve used your critical-thinking skills to apply your education to real-world challenges and situations
  2. How what you’ve learned in school could be applied on the job for which you’re interviewing
  3. Why you’re interested in that organization, and in that particular position
  4. Why the company should hire you
  5. A situation in which you’ve seen success—and the steps it took to get there
  6. A situation in which you felt challenged or experienced conflict—and how you used problem-solving skills to achieve a positive outcome
  7. Your favorite course in college—and why it interested and motivated you
  8. Your least favorite class—and your creative strategies for persevering through the experience
  9. Any questions you might have for the interviewer about life “on the job” at that organization (Pro tip: do your research first! Check the website, scour social media… learn as much as you can before you have the first interview.)

How do you integrate coverage of job search skills into your course? What suggestions do you offer them? Share a comment below.