Digital Materials: One Secret to Student Course Completion [INFOGRAPHIC]

two students holding different mobile devices
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Want to boost retention and student engagement? Assigning online homework could help.  

Technology is second nature for many students; using it to learn, study and complete homework is no exception. In fact, many students consider it when enrolling:

Seventy-nine percent of students said they prefer courses that include online learning components.

With statistics like this in mind, educators can better connect with 21st century students by meeting them where they are: online. Though sometimes seen as a distraction, digital tools like smartphones in the classroom can actually benefit your students—and you—when utilized strategically.

The Power of Online Homework

Maximize engagement and success by bringing digital components into your course; one proven approach is through assigning online homework.

Read the full infographic for more insights on why digital homework matters to student success, plus next steps and tips for incorporating digital learning tools into your curriculum.