Online Learning Tools – What Instructors Learned from Taking the Digital Leap [INFOGRAPHIC]

Efficacy & Research | Inside Cengage
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Cengage examined data from various surveys of higher education faculty and students to examine their perspectives on using online learning tools and incorporating technology into their courses. While many students believe that easily accessible digital tools would positively impact their grades, many instructors were initially apprehensive about making the shift from a print-only strategy to using digital tools. The survey revealed that despite this reluctance, most instructors who did adopt digital were satisfied overall with their decision.

Key findings include:

  • 81 percent of students say easily accessible digital course materials would positively impact their grades.
  • 57 percent of instructors were either “excited” or “considering change” when asked what their feelings were about trying new technology in their curriculum.
  • Time savings and instant feedback were among the most common features cited by instructors when discussing what they liked about using digital tools.




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