Jan Snyder has been the district media specialist for Oregon City Schools (OCS) in Oregon City, Oregon, for 25 years. The media center plays a critical role in the curriculum and
teaching process, so Jan is a linchpin who works closely with teachers and administrators to find high-quality, trustworthy resources that will help the students be successful. Not
surprisingly, her mission at the center is to put the best resources possible into the hands of teachers and students.

Oregon City Service Learning Academy (OCSLA) is the city’s charter high school. OCSLA enrolls approximately 170 students in a “1-to-1 Program,” in which each student has a district-provided laptop computer. Many of the students have unique learning needs that caused them to struggle in traditional school environments. These diverse learning needs, combined with the availability of computer resources and technology, prompted a different approach to the curriculum selection process.

Read how Jan Snyder and principal Tim Graham have used Classroom in Context (CLiC), a digital curriculum that allows seamless integration of digital resources into everyday learning, to address their school’s and students’ need for a highly customizable digital curriculum that supports different learning styles and levels of proficiency.

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