Guest Contributor: Rich Floersch, EVP Global HR, McDonald’s Corporation.

At McDonald’s our brand and story are both intricately connected around the value of service.

At the same time, it’s become clear that in the quest to recruit, develop and retain the best talent, we need to expand our service and support of our employees. Our broad commitment to serve employees through education and training is showcased in programs such as Hamburger University, which was founded in 1961 to provide a unique management curriculum now taught in 28 languages; a range of scholarships; college partnerships; and most recently a series of education and training programs under the flagship Archways to Opportunity.

Specifically, the McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity team has collaborated with Cengage Learning on the important work they are doing around high school completion. Our first graduate, Juan Garcia, recently graduated from Career Online High School (COHS), and matriculated into a post-secondary program, College for America. One year later, Juan has now obtained his Associates of Arts degree (AA). This is a great example of how McDonald’s is taking the lead in helping workers advance and secure better paying jobs.

As part of our broader education strategy for front-line workers and entry-level managers, we decided to expand COHS beyond our pilot at corporate-owned restaurants. Now, every eligible U.S. McDonalds employee in corporate and franchise restaurants will have access to Career Online High School at no cost. We believe this is a smart investment in our workforce, enabling thousands of employees to expand their education and skills for advancement in the workforce.

Representing a part of our broader education strategy, we’ve learned to tap into the extraordinary potential of employees with innovative programs such as Career Online High School.

McDonalds - Archways to Opportunity - Career Online High School

We actively encourage other organizations to join us in our upskilling efforts in offering Career Online High School to their employees. As we’ve witnessed firsthand, we believe this exercise in servant leadership will pay huge dividends for employees now and excitingly, well into the future.

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