Renuka Kumar teaches Computer Science and Information Technology at the Community College of Baltimore Country in Baltimore, Maryland. She and her colleagues recently redesigned the course to bring it up to date, adding new material on collaboration, mobile devices, and emerging technologies. The course learning resource that the department was using at the time didn’t cover all the necessary new topics, so a search ensued for a better option.

In evaluating possible new solutions, department decision-makers had several criteria. First, they wanted a product that would be easy to use by students and instructors. The ability to integrate with the college’s Blackboard learning management system (LMS), something that wasn’t possible with the existing product, was also on the wish list.

MindTap answered the call on all counts, and the experience turned out to be everything Professor Kumar expected—and more. In this case study, you’ll read about the school’s experience with MindTap, including the ease of integration with Blackboard, the ability to choose content based on course objectives, and the increase in students’ success rate.

» Download the case study, “Pass Rates Rise with MindTap in Tech Course at Community College of Baltimore County.”