Institutions and instructors are rapidly trying to find new ways to effectively engage their students in an evolving world of technology.  While many educators see the value in technology, it’s how the technology is put to use that makes the greatest impact on learners.

California State University, Fresno instructor Melissa Jordine wanted to promote active learning that would motivate students, enable their success, and help them build modern-day skills.  Read about how Dr. Jordine was able to accomplish it all.

Like many colleagues, Dr. Jordine has been using technology for years but was seeking an alternative method to implement project-based learning.  She wanted a tool that would create engaging learning experiences, deliver instructional content, provide a real time dashboard to students, and retain and exchange student-created learning artifacts.  After extensive searching Dr. Jordine chose to integrate Pathrbite, a digital portfolio product that can be used at the classroom or institutional level.

Since the rollout of Pathbrite students critical thinking, presentation, and writing skills have increased.  Continue reading how Pathbrite is helping students in the classroom and in their future endeavors.

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