Cengage Learning and the National Economics Teaching Association (NETA) are proud to award the first Innovations in Economic Education Award to Paul Romer of New York University.

While Paul is regarded as one of the top economists in the world for his groundbreaking work on endogenous growth theory (among other things), it is for his sojourn into the world of digital learning tools that we are honoring him.

Aplia, which was created in the early 2000s was the first product to effectively harness the expanded fiber-optic (and later WIFI) infrastructure to enable professors to finally get more effort from students while requiring little extra effort on the instructor’s part. It was created by a teaching economist who always kept in mind that simplicity and usability always trumps extra features and for that reason Aplia soon exploded in use and created the market for digital solutions in economic education. Aplia is closing in on two billion student assignment responses. All assignment based online products in economic education owe a debt to Paul Romer and Aplia, as do millions of students who have and continue to benefit from this groundbreaking learning solution.

Paul Romer will receive the honor on November 6th, 2015 during the 11th Annual Economics Teaching Conference in Dallas, Texas.

In the future, this award will be given to others who have advanced the cause of economic education—particularly in the area of new techniques and technologies—and will be henceforth known at the Paul Romer Innovations in Economic Education Award.