Peer-to-peer learning can be a powerful way to help your students succeed. By empowering smart and motivated students in your classroom and allowing them to help their classmates study, peer-to-peer learning complements your class experience and reinforces your teaching.

In the fall of 2014, Cengage Learning partnered with edtech startup to make’s student-to-student marketplace accessible via MindTap. On, students can buy & sell notes, study guides, flashcards, and even live video sessions. In addition, instructors can hand-select students from their courses who they want to sell study materials to their classmates via the marketplace, designating those students as “Cengage Scholars.” Like all sellers, Cengage Scholars receive a 70% commission on all sales of their study materials, and they collect their earnings on a weekly basis.

After a pilot program during the fall semester, the Cengage Scholar program is now being rolled out across the country – and here’s how several students felt it about its success.

According to Irene Huda, a freshman at Kent State University, participating in the program helped to improve the quality of notes she took in class – and also improved her work ethic, since she could now make extra cash for working hard to take detailed notes. Irene made 25 sales earning more than $100 after joining the program in October, which she’s added to her personal savings. It wasn’t just the extra money that motivated Irene to keep up with the program throughout the semester, “I enjoyed thinking that my notes and study guides were helping my classmates perform better in the course.” These students have a true desire for altruism. Irene’s been able to fill knowledge gaps of her classmates and help them along their journey to earning a college degree.

Emily Elise Schumacher of Ohio University said the best part of the Cengage Scholar program this fall was, “helping my peers while getting paid.” Whether they struggled with the material presented in a lecture or weren’t able to make it to office hours for extra help, Emily’s classmates purchased her notes to better understand the concepts in her nutrition class and to help them prepare for exams. She also believes the easy online access and 24/7 availability of her study materials was helpful to her peers who might need extra help at late hours. According to Emily, “Peer-to-peer learning is extremely important and is the best way to help struggling students.” She also believes that by creating study guides and retyping her class notes for, it helped reinforce the material for her own studies – and motived her to never miss class.

Check out these insights from students currently utilizing the platform:

“I think peer to peer learning is really helpful because in most cases if you don’t understand the subject matter, reviewing it with classmate from a different perspective or having it worded in a different way can really help you.”

“Sometimes it’s easier to walk up to a fellow student and ask for help rather than going to a professor who can sometimes be a little intimidating to approach.”

“I’m literally studying. I’m making study guides, I’m retyping my class notes, which is helping me learn and at the same time I’m helping my classmates—all while getting paid.”

“Before my notes weren’t nearly as structured, but now they are more comprehensive and easier to understand covering all the key points that were stressed in the course.”

“The feedback I received from my peers was monumental gratitude for simply pulling all the material together. My peers say that I have helped them so much and I have found that I am in turn helping myself.”

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