Students at Arizona State University needed a personalized online solution to support the flipped classroom model—Learning Objects to the rescue!

Using excellent instructional design and technology demonstrably helps students, faculty and institutions. This case study describes our work with Arizona State University’s Psychology department where we developed personalized tools—using our Learning Objects platform—to heighten retention and persistence in students using LO.

Here’s what we found:

  • Targeted feedback for incorrect answers motivated students to persist until they got it right
  • Engagement increased as students used easy-to-follow videos and interactive tools within LO, along with their psych book
  • And, most importantly, students who used the tools made tremendous strides in the course


Learning Objects, the Student-Friendly Platform

Creation of the Learning Objects solution was based heavily on proven research found with the way students learn—e.g. an earlier course had 45-minute video lectures; research found that students won’t watch videos lasting beyond six minutes at a time, no matter how interesting. Several low-stakes practice opportunities were made available as well, such as interactive media, which made students quickly realize that if they completed those practice activities, they’d have success on end-of-unit quizzes. These short, low-stakes opportunities allowed students to check their understanding and build confidence on course objectives.

Read the case study to learn more!