Though it’s been in the news for some time, tensions continue to grow as we get nearer to the fiscal cliff looming at the end of this year and Congress has still not reached a compromise. What is the fiscal cliff, how did we get here, what provisions are involved, and what’s important to note if you’re teaching about it?

Prior to the election, Bill Raabe, taxation professor at Ohio State University and author on the South-Western Federal Taxation series and Federal Tax Research text, recorded a podcast about the fiscal cliff, what it means, and what he predicted we can expect from Congress. Listen to Bill Raabe’s podcast.

Likewise, Gateways to Democracy: An Introduction to American Government co-author and Brown University Professor Wendy Schiller recorded a pre-election podcast on the subject as well. She explains how to teach students about the importance of budget politics and how the structure of how we spend government money will push both major political parties towards a solution. Listen to Wendy’s podcast.

Are you teaching your students about the fiscal cliff? How do you impart the importance of budget politics, spending government money, and/or tax reform? Please share your ideas and feedback in the comments section below.