Some people just have that fighting spirit, that ‘can do’ attitude, that propels them to a brighter future than what might otherwise develop from a lifetime of challenges.

Kathryn Fryman, a mother of eight children and caretaker of some terminally ill family members, made a conscious decision to move her life onto a positive path when she entered Kentucky Community Technical College. However, Fryman had no computer experience and she faced the challenge of learning an online study/homework system while adapting to a new life as a student.

This story of Fryman’s experience with SAM, an online study tool from Cengage Learning, is inspiring and illustrates how anyone—regardless of prior experience with technology—can learn quickly and succeed with the help of modern learning resources. A plucky, ‘let’s get it done’ attitude certainly helps, too.

You can learn more about Fryman’s experience with her first experience in a college setting, an online study program, and how bright the future can be when you have the right outlook and a willingness to try.

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