Instructors and administrators recognize the important role they can play in preparing students for successful careers. No matter what they teach, all instructors contribute to their student population’s success through their reinforcement of intellectual skills such as critical thinking, information literacy, and communication, as well as the specialized knowledge and skill base associated with their fields.

If you’re hoping to provide your students with additional guidance as they seek to make the transition from school to the workforce, you will benefit from Angele Blackshear-Brown’s presentation “From College to Career: Teaching Skills to Transition Today’s Students Into Tomorrow’s Professionals,” given during the 2014 Course Technology Conference. Here, she discusses ways that educators can prepare students, focusing on a variety of topics such as: understanding differences in industries and culture; becoming familiar with a variety of communication styles and technology tools; and familiarizing themselves with valuable networking techniques. She also presents tips for better understanding your student population, ways that you can effectively teach “transitioning,” how you can develop a “professional” classroom, and suggestions for producing positive student outcomes. After viewing this session, you’ll have a better understanding of tomorrow’s workforce, and you’ll gain a number of new ideas you can use to prepare those students to compete in the global marketplace.



What successful strategies have you used in preparing students for successful careers? Share your insights in the comments section below.