MindTap makes a world of difference for reading-averse students in an online global issues course.

Course Understanding and Grades Lift with MindTap

“My students don’t read!” Sound familiar? Professor Crystal Garrett faced this common but vexing challenge in her online global issues course at Perimeter College at Georgia State University. Students who didn’t read couldn’t understand and think critically about the subject matter—contemporary global problems with no easy solutions. Fortunately, Garrett found a teaching and learning solution in MindTap interactive activities.

MindTap forces students to read, and brings in real world information in a way that compels them to synthesize information,” she says. “Students can be engaged but not interested. MindTap increases both engagement and interest.” Garrett also saw other results. Students’ responses on discussion questions improved, indicating their knowledge of the content. And grades went up, too.

Find Out How Professor Garrett Got Her Class to Read Critically with MindTap