“What is the most difficult challenge you face when teaching calculus?”

When engaging with instructors throughout the country, the most common answer we hear is that it is not necessarily the Calculus that students struggle with most, but rather the prerequisite skills from Algebra and Trigonometry that they should already know when coming into the classroom. In addition, as the mathematical study of change, Calculus is a dynamic subject, and we routinely hear that students best understand its concepts when they are presented in a dynamic manner. Although the concepts of Calculus themselves do not change, the methods with which they are taught and the technology available to assist in this endeavor continuously evolve.

Enhanced WebAssign is unlike homework systems that depend on memorization. Its educational technology engages instead of drills to elevate thinking and foster a deeper understanding of course concepts to support online Calculus homework. Enhanced WebAssign for Calculus meets students at every stage along their path to success by offering:

Enhanced WebAssign QuickPrep1. Tools that help students review the skills they should already have.

» Diagnostic Tests (DT), available as part of the Stewart Calculus Series and also within Enhanced WebAssign, evaluate knowledge of the mathematics that precedes Calculus: Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Functions, and Trigonometry.
» QuickPrep for Calculus (QP) reviews 25 key Precalculus topics to help improve student readiness for Calculus. Assign any of these QuickPrep modules (or any of the questions from the modules) early in the course or whenever the review is most needed.
» Just-In-Time Review Problems (JIT) are available to assign to students needing to remediate their Algebra and Trigonometry skills in the context of the Calculus taught. JIT are carefully selected prerequisite review problems tied to specific Calculus problems and assignable at the section level.

2. Tools that help students develop NEW skills.

Enhanced WebAssign Media Tab» Thousands of exercises that come directly from the proven, time-tested content of our authors.
» Read It, Watch It, and Master It resources offer valuable help to students completing assignments on their own, outside of the classroom.
» The YouBook Media tab organizes a wealth of tools including Lecture Videos, Video Examples, Animations, Homework Tutorials, and more.

3. Tools that help students visualize and test their true conceptual understanding.

Enhanced WebAssign Explore It» Larson’s YouBook Animations include both Interactive Examples and 3D Rotatable Graphs that allow students to manipulate functions and variables and observe the results from various angles.
» Stewart’s Tools for Enriching Calculus (TEC) questions let calculus students interact with animations that deepen their understanding of key concepts by helping them visualize what they are learning.
» Explore It (EI) modules help students visualize the course’s complex topics through hands-on exploration and interactive simulation. Concepts are presented using relevant, real-world examples, allowing students to make the leap from mechanical skill to true conceptual understanding, and letting them share in the excitement that comes with discovery.
Enhanced WebAssign Explore It