Students and instructors both tend to hit the end of the semester feeling utterly drained. Wrapping up year-end responsibilities — from the school year as well as the holidays — is no easy feat for anyone! But you’ve only got a few short weeks before next term’s students will need you to be right back on your feet. Be your best in January by returning from winter break feeling rejuvenated! Try these tips for reducing stress over the holiday.

Stop multitasking. We’ve all seen the studies showing that we are less productive when we multitask, yet we continue to do it. Especially around the holidays, its tempting to keep moving at 110%. Instead, try to find the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of the holiday season — watch a movie with your family, share hot chocolate with a friend, or try a new hobby like painting or knitting.

Don’t let baking be a chore. Baking for the masses can easily become a stressful experience if you over-do it. Instead, remember to start early and take it easy! Invite a friend or your family members to help you make it fun. An extra set of hands will even allow you a quick break to sit down and watch the magic happen when it comes time to decorate.

Say yes to help. Those who are used to the responsibility of organizing holiday occasions are infamous for not asking for help from loved ones, and even declining it when offered. This year, don’t be afraid to ask for help and accept it. Your family will appreciate the extra time you get to spend with them.

Find time for you. As you move from one holiday party to another, you may start going through the motions of buying gifts, preparing holiday meals, repeat. This holiday, be sure to take some time for yourself. Find a quiet space and relax with a good book, call that friend you haven’t seen in ages, or go for a stroll outside. If you’re the pampering type, winter is the perfect time to schedule that massage you’ve been putting off.

Remember why you do it all. If you’re a parent or in charge of planning any holiday events, it’s easy to get caught up with making sure everything is perfect. But keep in mind “the reason for the season.” Make relationship building your priority as much as possible, rather than material goods. Easier said than done! The perfect holiday meal may mean days of prep time, but if a simpler meal means spending more time with your family and loved ones, choose option B!

How do you relax during your vacation time? Share your thoughts below.

Happy Holidays!