At the 2015 ASU+GSV Summit, innovative thinkers from education, business, politics, entertainment, and other fields are gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona to discuss ideas for advancing and accelerating education and learning.

It is, then, the ideal place for Cengage Learning to announce our partnership with Arizona State University and Knewton to co-develop new Active Adaptive learning solutions that go beyond any other adaptive products you’ll currently find available for use in college courses.

Innovative technology + best-in-class content + active, adaptive learning = an elevated student learning experience 

The story begins at ASU. Administrators and instructors wanted a new way to develop and lead their courses, and thus improve the instructional experience for students and instructors alike. They want to ensure more students pass their courses, and use data-driven means of honing instruction to ensure that that happens. At the same time, they want to help instructors manage the time they spend on administration and grading, while increasing the availability of courses to non-traditional and online students.

Now, in partnership with ASU, Cengage Learning and Knewton are working on an adaptive learning solution tailored to the needs of instructors and students—from the ground up.

Each team member brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the table. Cengage Learning is bringing our ability to develop, deliver, and manage top-quality content for college courses. Knewton contributes their powerful adaptive engine and analytics. And of course, Arizona State University will bring to bear their instructional expertise, as well as their strong understanding of the content that best suits the needs of their instructors and students.

Together, we’re building a solution that will empower instructors to spend more time teaching and guiding learning, rather than just managing students and engaging in a one-way conversation in the classroom. The solution will also be designed to engage students in their classes–and also improve student retention and completion rates on the broader level. Using this new solution, students will be able to progress and demonstrate mastery using instruction and content uniquely tailored to their individual needs in an environment where students take an active role in their own learning.

The first course, Active Adaptive Psychology, will be available for introductory psychology courses this fall. An adaptive learning loop will be built around every learning objective, providing highly detailed feedback and guidance to the student and instructor as the class progresses. To ensure success, ASU will study the effects of both delivery models in on-ground, hybrid, and online class settings.

“With a shared vision for improving the student experience and learning outcomes, together with ASU and Knewton we are developing a new way of teaching—utilizing Active Adaptive technology to teach a new kind of student. With deep personalization, we can ensure delivery of the right information to the right student at the right time,” said Michael Hansen, Chief Executive Officer, Cengage Learning. “Our intent is that with these more effective and efficient solutions, faculty can become better stewards of learning—taking instructors out of the classroom management business and into the active learning business.”

We’re excited to partner with Arizona State University and Knewton, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for educators and students.


Have you used adaptive learning in your courses? What successes have you seen? Share your thoughts in the comments.