Suzanne N. Cory, Professor of Accounting, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas

Skills that are essential for successful entry into the business world after college graduation have been discussed extensively in recent years. College administrators and faculty continuously strive to ensure their graduates have the skills and knowledge required in the business arena by updating and changing curricula. These update and changes are often the result of analyzing survey responses provided by employers of their graduates. Business school faculty then struggle to address concerns included in the survey responses about skills that are lacking in their graduates. As a result, university curricula have been expanded to include essential computer software skills, oral and written communication, team-working capabilities, critical thinking skills, etc.

These curricular changes were made based on an understanding that in order for business school graduates to succeed, mastering these identified skills is essential. Business school faculty firmly understand that students must be able to function in the business world as literate, knowledgeable, professional, and technically skilled individuals immediately after graduation.

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