The need to belong is one of humanity’s strongest driving forces. According to Roy F. Baumeister, Eppes Eminent Scholar and Professor of Psychology at Florida State University, we are hardwired to desire acceptance. What happens when that need is blocked?

In this month’s podcast, Dr. Baumeister recounted enlightening and surprising revelations from research into the effects of rejection on the human psyche.

“Being rejected is like being bonked over the head with a two by four,” Dr. Baumeister said. He added that childhood rejection can make a person more susceptible to suffer from physical pain as an adult.

Methods and results culled from both his own research and that of others were recounted and discussed in the podcast.

In part two of this episode, Dr. Baumeister revealed what we have learned from research into male/female sexual interactions. By framing sexual relationships in the context of a market economy, Dr. Baumeister cast new light on evolution, feminism and economics as they related to our sexuality.

Download the podcasts here:

»The Psychology of Rejection: Nobody Likes you… what now? with Dr. Roy F. Baumeister

»Sexual Economics: Sex as a Female Resource for Social Exchange with Dr. Roy F. Baumeister