Students taking U.S. History courses in today’s higher education environment are often not engaged in the course and often apathetic to history in general. That sent Cengage Learning down a path to reinvent the courseware being used to teach and learn the U.S. History Survey. To measure the impact of this novel application, A total of nine instructors teaching History courses to 808 postsecondary students participated in the research. The goal of the study was to compare final grades achieved in courses taught by the same instructors under two different conditions: courses taught with MindTap and courses taught without MindTap. The results were quite dramatic: students in U.S. History classes using MindTap achieved significantly better course grades than students in classes using the same textbooks and other digital resources but without MindTap. Furthermore, students using MindTap for U.S. History received 32% more A’s and more than 35% less D’s and F’s. All instructors who used the Progress Report felt that it helped them understand students’ strengths and weaknesses. And around two-thirds of students who used MindTap recommended it for students taking the course in the future. MindTap for U.S. History is an effective tool to increase the academic success of students in the digital classroom.

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