As of October 1, 2015, health care providers in the U.S. must use International Classification of Disease tenth revision (ICD-10) codes when they submit medical claims for services provided after that date. Thus, to help students prepare for certification exams (and their future careers), educational institutions like Ross Medical Education Center must include ICD-10 coding as part of their coursework.

But prior to training its students on this new system, Ross needed to train its instructors—and for that, the center turned to Cengage Learning.

Working with Cengage Learning, Ross was able to offer its instructors professional ICD-10 resources that got them up to speed on how to code with ICD-10, and how to teach others about coding; some of the strategies were tailored specifically to the needs of Ross’ instructors. The trainings included teaching scenarios and practical strategies for instructors to implement. Instructors learned how to code in ICD-10, and also learned how to “translate” what they learned to their classrooms.

After the training, Ross’s instructors were confident that they knew, and could teach, this new material. What’s more, after Ross instructors received Cengage Learning’s ICD-10 trainings, students in their classes scored higher on credentialing exams in this area than previously with ICD-9.

» To read more about the benefits that Ross Medical Education Center reaped from Cengage Learning’s ICD-10 “Train the Trainer” program, download the Success Story.