In the eight years that Erin Dischler has been teaching Accounting Software applications at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), her department has used a textbook in conjunction with SAM (Skills Assessment Manager). This interactive online learning environment helps students master Microsoft® Office and other computer skills and concepts that are essential to academic and career success. SAM is also instrumental in helping Erin ensure that her students are ready for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam. MOS certification verifies that an individual is well versed in one or more Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel®, Outlook®, Access®, or PowerPoint®.

Erin’s classes focus on Excel and Access, and the entire course grade is tied to SAM. Erin loves SAM because it provides students with instant feedback, allowing her as the instructor to be more efficient and help the students get what they need.” When students make a mistake while working on a project, SAM gives students immediate feedback telling them exactly what they did incorrectly and directs them to resources that allow further practice and review. Students work through a SAM case every week and then take a quiz. They’re supported by SAM tutorials, which students access through MATC’s Blackboard learning management system.

Erin is pleased with SAM, and has been for as long as she has used it. She says SAM is particularly beneficial because MATC coursework involves working toward certification. Furthermore, her classes typically achieve an 80% pass rate on the MOS certification exam.

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