What factors come into play when you and your colleagues are selecting course materials?

Certainly, the content itself, and how well it aligns with your course’s learning objectives, are important criteria.

You likely also consider how well the structure of the solution helps you accomplish your course goals: be they increasing student engagement, improving outcomes, increasing student retention… or, perhaps a combination of these three factors, alongside others.
In addition, you probably take students’ wants and needs into consideration. They undoubtedly tell you which materials have supported their own goals of success in your class, as well as the features that enable them to study how, and when, they prefer to do so.

As we noted in a previous post, students have reported that digital learning solutions provide them with such benefits as increased engagement with their courses and improvement in their course performance.

However, for a variety of reasons, many instructors feel reluctant about adopting digital solutions. In the recent “Digital in the Classroom” survey conducted by Cengage Learning, instructors listed the top reasons why they do not use a digital solution in their courses:

  • Ease of use (35%)
  • Quality of content (28%)
  • Set-up (25%)
  • Lack of technical skills (15%)
  • Didn’t realize they were available (15%)
  • Prefer not to use them (11%)

Can you relate to these findings? Perhaps you want to adopt a digital learning solution that helps you accomplish your course goals, as well as your students’—but you haven’t yet found the solution that enable you to do so in an effective and efficient manner.

Fortunately, effectively introducing digital solutions into your classroom—online or on-ground—is now easier than ever. Today, you’ll find a variety of solutions that provide high-quality content within a framework that fosters student engagement and mastery of course concepts. What’s more, they’re supported by services that help you successfully set up and implement the solution within your course.

If you select the material for your course, or if you have influence over a committee decision, read through the findings in Cengage Learning’s latest insights report, “Custom Learning Solutions Boost Student Engagement and Improve Learning Outcomes.” The report includes some questions you can consider while researching new solutions for your course or department, and it describes many of the benefits of adopting digital learning solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your course and campus.

»Download the report: Custom Learning Solutions Boost Student Engagement and Improve Learning Outcomes