Despite what some pundits and news headlines might say to the contrary, today’s libraries continue to provide a vital place for us to learn, share, grow, and build more successful lives. Walk in, and you’ll find a community just as lively and engaged as ever—the job seekers and the knowledge finders; the storytellers and the researchers; the makers and the gamers; the challengers and the curious—all using today’s tools and resources to satisfy their need for information and their desire to transform their lives.

However you’ve used a library, it’s probably made an indelible mark on you. Consider your own library story: the joy of finding a cherished book that spoke to your mind, heart, and experience. The carrel where you spent many an hour studying to master the knowledge you needed to progress in your chosen field. The resource that led you to the key piece of information that helped your research project fall into place. The cozy, colorful nook where your children sat for storytime and developed their own love of reading.

Wouldn’t you like to change the conversation taking place around libraries, and declare the difference that libraries can—and do—make in the lives of so many people? At the “My Library Story” community, you can tell your story, and add your voice to those who firmly believe in the value that libraries provide to individuals and communities.

See the Difference that Libraries Make

Looking for more inspiration to tell your story? Watch the below video, “Libraries Make a Difference: Change the Headlines,” and read an article on Why Libraries Matter from Frank Menchaca, SVP of Gale, National Geographic Learning and Professional groups of Cengage Learning, at Gale’s blog.

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, has created this video and online community as a gift to libraries in memory of their founder, Frederick Ruffner, a life-long library advocate and leader in the publishing industry.