We are offering a simple and fun approach that can be easily applied by course instructors to provide effective feedback to students. We are inspired by online video games to come up with this approach.

For the current generation of students, it is natural for them to see fake names of other online players while playing such video games. They admire those people who scored the highest and have a little fun looking at the profiles of other players.

Most importantly, when they understand what the other players have achieved in playing the games they will stop complaining and keep playing the game until they pass the checkpoints.

Also, they want the other people to join and/or see what they have achieved and injecting a little peer pressure as well as providing encouragement will be helpful for them to excel in playing games.

This article is from the Accounting Instructors’ Report, an electronic journal that provides teaching tips and insights to those who teach accounting and other business courses.

Jason Lee, SUNY Plattsburgh
Mohamed Gaber, SUNY Plattsburgh


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