Addressing the issues of making a quality video can be a tough challenge as you struggle to attract your students’ attention. With those factors to address, it is important to find the balance between visual entertainment and reaching students with your message. With examples provided by last year’s Instructor for a Day contest participants and winner, we derived these six elements that can help get the job done.

Instructors, what techniques do you recommend for creating a video that engages college students? Share them in the comments.

Creating a Video that Engages Students: What We Learned from Last Year’s “Instructor for a Day” Contestants

1. Enthusiasm: Instructor for a Day runner-up Nathan Le demonstrates how enthusiasm is a charming and useful tactic to grabbing any viewer’s attention.

2. Versatility: Being versatile when it comes to creating a video is a key tool in keeping the viewer engaged. LaRia Brent of Concordia University Wisconsin displays how using multiple effects, angles and shots can keep the viewer interested, as well as promote her message fully.

3. Creativity: Kayla Orlinsky shows us not only how creativity can help with engagement in the classroom, but with creating a quality video that separates yours from the rest.

4. Visual Appeal: Videos of great visual quality are naturally more attractive to viewers. Brittany Kovel provides an example of how effective this element is by using very appealing visuals and cinematography in her video.

5. Humor: As demonstrated by Beau Parker, the element of humor is always inviting and appealing for any viewer.

6. Entertainment: Our Instructor for a Day winner, Matthew Abeler, exhibits how entertainment is always a key element in any great video.