Spectrum of Sexual Misconduct at Work (SSMW)

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What kinds of behaviors constitute sexual misconduct at work? Kathleen Reardon, professor emerita at USC’s Marshall School of Business, has developed a spectrum of sexual misconduct at work. She writes in the HBR:

It is intended as a blueprint for men, women and organizations to use in becoming familiar with levels of offense that can harm work relationships and create or perpetuate hostile work environments.

The spectrum includes mild and moderate forms of offense, sexual harassment, and abuse.

Listen to Reardon explain the difference between offensive behavior and sexual misconduct.

Class Discussion Questions:

  • How could managers use the Spectrum of Sexual Misconduct at Work (SSMW) to provide training for employees?
  • How can understanding the Spectrum of Sexual Misconduct at Work (SSMW) improve work culture and lower the risk of conflict and legal action?
  • Besides offensive behavior directed at women by men, what other forms of sexual misconduct exist?