To engage the students in online courses, you need to adopt teaching strategies that differ from those you’d use in a traditional classroom. Given that you lack the face-to-face contact that’s present in an on-ground course, you must find ways  to foster collaboration and communication among students sitting at their own desks across town—or perhaps even across cities and states. In addition, you need to incorporate a variety of activities and assignments that can bring about the same degree of student engagement and active learning that students would experience in an on-ground course.

In a recent webinar, “Strategies and Tips for Teaching Online,” Pat Galitz of Southeast Community College (Lincoln, NE) shared her techniques for engaging the students in her online courses. She offers suggestions for creating a positive online learning environment; ideas for activities that foster student participation and build students’ understanding of course material; tools that support student success (including those that accompany the Cengage Learning 4LTR Press solution she uses in her course); and much more.

Review the slides from the webinar below, and gather some new ideas for increasing student engagement in your online courses!


» View the webinar, “Strategies and Tips for Teaching Online.”

(Note: Large file. Please allow time for download.)

How do you engage students in online courses? Share your tips and strategies below.