As the school term progresses, and as students’ responsibilities, activities, and assignments begin to accumulate, you might find it a bit more challenging to engage the students in your courses. To draw them back into the learning experience, you might want to try out some new ideas or activities that capture their attention, prompt their participation, and bolster their motivation.

If you’d like add a new technique or two to your repertoire, take some time to review a few quick tips that can spark students’ interest and get them engaged in class material. In the below slides, Julie Hansen, Implementation and Training Specialist for Cengage Learning, shares some strategies and tips for engaging students. You can review some of the activities, assignments, and techniques that have proven successful in getting students motivated, facilitate meaningful application, and result in improved learning outcomes. You’ll also find references to resources that will offer additional ideas that build student engagement.

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What are your strategies for successfully engaging students? Share them in the comments.