Today’s community college student is often faced with a difficult decision when deciding how to allocate their time and resources while focusing on work and family or school. Few understand this as well as Danielle Bachan, an instructor at Houston Community College, who teaches busy students about Texas politics and government.

Bachan is tasked with inspiring students to learn about issues, agencies, and processes they otherwise might not explore or learn about on their own. Bachan finds her students also have heightened expectations when it comes to technology and how it’s used in the classroom. Increasingly, they expect to be able to access interactive course materials whenever and wherever they are. “At the time, all we had was the textbook,”

Bachan said in reference to her course on Texas government. “I was really pushing for a digital pilot program in our department that would provide students a better learning experience.” Bachan suggests students simply weren’t engaging with traditional textbooks as they might with a digital solution. She also suspected students were not performing as well on exams as they could. It was a hunch Bachan would not only have a chance to test, but also prove accurate.

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