Taylor Dougherty’s first digital learning experience was in pre-calculus as a college freshman, when she was “crazy busy” with a full course load and a full-time job. She’s a conscientious student, but felt intimidated because she doesn’t like mathematics. Enhanced WebAssign® (EWA), which was required for homework and tests, proved to be a blessing. “I had a difficult time understanding my professor, so I relied on Enhanced WebAssign a lot,” she recalls. “It really helped me with the skills I needed to get through the course.”

Taylor takes online courses whenever possible, as she appreciates the flexibility to carve out pockets of time to complete assignments throughout the day and night. EWA gave her the same leeway, as well as individual assistance as she completed her homework. “Being so busy, I learned a lot about time management my first year,” says Taylor. “I liked having online EWA assignments with due dates laid out so I knew exactly when I needed to complete and submit them.” In fact, she was so pleased with EWA that she stopped going to lectures (for which attendance was optional) partway through the term, and instead used the university’s library lab to practice with Enhanced WebAssign.

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