Sabrina Green says she studies every chance she gets—the trick is finding the chance. A full-time student at Borough of Manhattan Community College, she also works afternoons and evenings. Having a full schedule can be stressful, and adding a math course to the mix raises the anxiety level even higher for many, including Sabrina. Thanks to Enhanced WebAssign (EWA), which provided online guidance in elementary algebra whenever she needed it, her fears dissipated and she earned a better grade (by far) than she expected.

Sabrina’s conscientiousness and work ethic motivate her to carve out study time throughout the day, and to meet her challenges head on. She paid attention in class, did her best to stay organized, and completed her required EWA homework as soon as she could. Thanks to her hard work, she passed the course with a “B.”

Sabrina appreciated the help EWA offers, such as its videos that explain problems, as well as links to the textbook page where she could find the procedure for solving them.

In addition, Sabrina says she needed abundant repetitive practice to understand the concepts and problem types she encountered in algebra. EWA is tailor-made to provide just that — users can practice a problem as many times as they want to (or need to) while working at their own pace. EWA also delivers immediate feedback and offers links to problem-specific resources such as mini-tutorials and video solutions. This interactive tutorial support guides students through the problem-solving process, and encourages the continued practice that promotes understanding.

Sabrina has nothing but positive things to say about Enhanced WebAssign. She says, “Enhanced WebAssign is organized and systematic in the way in presents problems and assistance, and that helped me grasp the concepts. It also included problems that were more difficult than the ones on the final exam, so I felt prepared. The combination of a very supportive professor and Enhanced WebAssign definitely helped me. If EWA enabled me to pass math even when I thought I was doomed, I believe anyone can succeed with it.”

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