Aplia helped Michael Cymbalisty, a budding entrepreneur and University of Illinois student, get down to business when learning Economic Statistics.

Better Study, Less Time with Aplia

Michael Cymbalisty, a finance major at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, is in a hurry to be a “serial entrepreneur.” He already spends time on business projects, but he also has to get through tough courses like Economic Statistics. Aplia expedited his learning process, giving him more time to pursue his passion.

“Knowing I had Aplia as my backbone gave me confidence for my exams and assignments even if I didn’t understand the material the first time in lecture,” he says. “I loved the ability to be walked through the problem and solution. Aplia has helped me be a more efficient student, and as they say, time is our most valuable resource.”

Learn how Michael succeeded with less study time using Aplia for Economics