Professor Kimberly Benien’s Elementary Statistical Methods online class at Wharton County Junior College uses Aplia. Elizabeth Garcia and Kevin Garbs are nursing students who both claim to not be strong in math, but found Aplia helped them through their statistics course. Elizabeth is a full-time student who will graduate soon.

Her goal is to work in nursing a few years, then return to school to earn her master’s degree. Kevin is a part-time student pursuing an associate’s degree in pre-nursing. He intends to get his RSN degree.


For both nursing students, combining in-person and online courses with job and home responsibilities represents a challenge. “I have three children,” notes Elizabeth, pointing to the need to balance between home and school, and still finding time for homework.

“For a while I was working two jobs,” says Kevin. “Trying to go to school was a real challenge.” Both students knew they would have to face statistics – “I’m not very good at math,” says Elizabeth. A sentiment echoed by Kevin.

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