What does it take for students to stay engaged in their classes? According to Nathan Le, student at Houston Community College and a runner-up in Cengage Learning’s “Instructor for a Day” video contest, the key is to be focused!

In the below video, Nathan shares his tips for being, and remaining, focused in class. His first recommendation: if you bring your tech tools to class, avoid the temptation of clicking on distractions such as cat videos and your social-media pages, and keep your attention on those important topics your instructors are covering. (Temptation still strong? His suggestion: Leave the laptop at home, and take notes with pen and paper.)

Nathan also says that, in order to stay focused in class, he asks a lot of questions; that way, he remains engaged… and, he learns more.

We also asked Nathan his advice on making engaging, creative videos that connect with an audience. He says: be enthusiastic, be passionate, and show your excitement about your topic. If you’re excited, then your viewers will be, too!

In addition to sharing his tips for students, Nathan also expresses what he appreciates about his instructors: namely, that their passionate interest in their areas of study—and their desire for him to learn, understand, and master those topics—motivate him to want to learn and succeed.


If your students want to be focused in class, what tips do you offer to them? Ask your students to share their suggestions as well!